FAN-tastic Four

Congratulations to Neil Robinson from Round Lake.  He was chosen as the Fan-tastic 4 winner! Robinsons was a semi-finalist, after having his name pulled from the box at Rune's Furniture!

Win four tickets to see a game of the Minnesota team of your choice, cash to spend, a hotel room and a Mall of America package that includes unlimited ride bands, mini golf and tickets to the Crayola Experience. Yep - that's a hotel room for four people, a $400 Visa gift card, a Mall of America package for all four and four regular season tickets to either the Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves or Wild!

To enter, look to see which sponsors will have a sign-up box at their business each week. The name of a semi-finalist will be pulled out of each box at the end of the week, guaranteeing them the chance at winning this incredible grand prize. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 1!

Sponsored by: Big Orv's, Adrian Rune's Furniture, Worthington State Farm - Jason Vote, Worthington, Luverne Worthington Liquor Store, Worthington Marthaler Ford, Worthington Marthaler Dodge, Worthington Marthaler Chevrolet, Worthington Amerigas, Worthington 1015 Steak Company Sunshine Foods, Luverne

To sign up, find the box at these businesses the week of:

Jan 13-19 - Big Orv's, 1015
Jan 20-26 - Rune's, State Farm-Jason Vote
Jan 27-Feb 2 - Worthington Liquor, Amerigas (online), Marthaler Chevrolet, Marthaler Ford
Feb 3-9 - 1015
Feb 10-16 - State Farm-Jason Vote, Worthington Liquor, Marthaler CDJR, Sunshine Foods
Feb 17-23 - Big Orv's, Rune's, Marthaler Ford
Feb 24-Mar 1 - Marthaler CDJR, Amerigas (online), Marthaler Chevrolet
Mar 2-8 - State Farm-Jason Vote, 1015, Sunshine Foods
Mar 9-15 - Rune's, Worthington Liquor, Amerigas (online), Marthaler Ford
Mar 16-22 - Marthaler Chevrolet
Mar 23-29 - Marthaler CDJR, Sunshine Foods

Due to the COVID 19 closures, the Big Orv's box will be rescheduled

Fantastic Four Semifinalists:
Pat Strassburg at Big Orv's
Tobias Cosgrove at 1015 Steak Company
Keith Baumgard at State Farm-Jason Vote
Mickey Malcolm at Rune's Furniture
Jesse Walker at Amerigas
Jessica Albrecht at Worthington Liquor
Dennis Doeden at Marthaler Chevrolet
Orville Heidebrink at MArthaler Ford
Ron Renner at 1015
Denise Schmitz at State Farm-Jason Vote
Jeanette Hatle at Sunshine Foods
Cassandra Dominguez at Marthaler CDJR
Pat Voss at Worthington Liquor
Shantrel DeJong at Marthaler Ford
Tara Einck at Big Orv's
Neil Robinson at Rune's Furniture
Jonas Boltjes at Amerigas
Mitch Zinnel at Marthaler Chevrolet
Todd Meinerts at Marthaler CDJR
Alex Obermoller at State Farm-Jason Vote
Janine DeBates at Sunshine Foods
Carol Haldin at Marthaler Ford
Christopher Fletcher at Amerigas
Julia Wright at Rune's Furniture
Nicholas Raymo at Marthaler Chevrolet

• Regardless of team chosen, game choice is subject to availability.
• You must be at least 18-years-old to participate. 
• Limit of only one semi-finalist per household (immediate family) 
• Participant cannot qualify for anyone but himself/herself. 
• Radio Works employees or immediate family, participating sponsor or sponsor's employees may not participate. 
• Winner assumes all responsibilities of winning including all state, local, federal and other taxes, duties, tariffs, title fees, licensing fees, or other fees. 
• Radio Works shall determine process for qualifying from time to time. 
• By participating, all participants grant Radio Works unrestricted permission to use name, picture or voice in promotions for websites, on-air or otherwise. 
• All decisions made by station are final. 
• Radio Works reserves the right to modify these rules or discontinue the contest at any time without notification.